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B`ORZE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED,. a partner of B'ORZE Inc., USA, enjoys a distinct position in Medical industries. Our state-of-the-art innovative healthcare digital products such as colposcope, baby monitor, have set a new standard in operating room. We are the first to introduce high definition image to ensure medical fraternity a greater control and better diagnosis than ever before. Our concept of a total solution system begins with the complete understanding of our customer's requirements, supplying the best solution and providing quality after sales service support. This ensures that we set standards in customer management. In the field of medical technology, BORZE India have already created a niche for its products, wired CTG, HD Inttelio colposcope & wireless fetal monitor (CTG), in women healthcare industry.

Today, B`ORZE India's medical appliance could be found in clinics and hospitals of all over the India. Inspired by the needs and requirements of our customers, we adopt advanced technology and transform them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach. B`ORZE India is a leading healthcare products supplier with over 100 competent employees, 14 offices and 9 channel partners in India as well as an extensive nationwide sales, service and training program underscore our dedication to our customers.

Video Colposcope for Sale with Best Imaging System:

A video colposcope biopsy is a unique and best way of looking at the vagina and cervix for detecting oddities in cervix or used in case of cervical cancer screening for collecting important information. Video colposcope has a HD camera for better view, and it uses a light microscope to make the cervix appear much bigger. This colposcope help your doctor to find and then biopsy abnormal areas in your cervix. Credibility, operability, image documentation and storage are the key requirements for any video colposcope appliance. Our digital video colposcope appliance delivers all of this at a cost savings benefits. This best colposcope offers image and video recording, pathological reporting, and information sharing, patient case management.

This B'orze video colposcope has been made with the best optical technology to meet quality standards. Its guarantee that our video colposcope product could be smoothly moved, video colposcope has high definition camera with led lights, quality imaging system, CMOS optics, and much more to ensure quality. The friendly structure and double arm enable this video colposcope to be moved very easily and comfortably from one place to another, making it a best colposcope to use in genetal exams. B'orze India offers the digital video colposcope to meet the defiance of the growing medical technology. We provide video colposcope for sale at low price with quality microscopes and it has also an imaging system for a superior view and understanding of the different tests. In short, video colposcopy biopsy is a detailed examination of the neck of the womb. It is basically carried out in a video colposcope clinic by colposcopy expert nurse who is specialized and well experienced in these medical appliances.

B'orze video colposcope has been made by using advanced medical technology, which allow doctors to observe the vaginal examinations on a video monitor as well, HD camera, real-time indications of increase and time of acetic acid and test. In addition, with image workstation, image data can be acquired, saved, edited into diagnosis reports and analyzed. It is very helpful for analysis and recording examination and vagina treatment procedures. B'orze India, a well known medical equipments supplier, has been delivering specially video colposcope with high-precision optics and proves to be credible and perfect performer in-office surgical applications. Video colposcope is also easily movable from one place to another and it is light weighted. Video colposcope also assist in achieving accurate biopsy of vagina and features ruler for measuring the size of the diseased region.

Colposcope with Cervical Scanning System:

You probably suggested to have scans using video colposcope to measure the length of your cervix if you had any miscarriage, or your unborn baby who was not mature. Be reassured that ultrasound are safe for your unborn baby. The scan using video colposcope will look for early signs of the cervical opening before your baby is due. If you are expecting twins, then cervical length scanning may also be suggested by doctor, in this regard B'orze video colposcope will assist you. A cervical stitch probably put in before you are fifteen to sixteen weeks pregnant if your cervix is shortening or beginning to open. Though a suture can be inserted after sometime, if the doctors are worried about the safety of your unborn baby. The suture prevents your cervix from opening further, and keeps the mucus plug in. You’ll only have a suture if it is definitely essential, because, as with any surgical procedure, it increases the risk of infection.

When you have the scans using video colposcope it's depends on whether you have been pregnant previous to, and how those pregnancies fared. It perhaps only be essential to check at 15 to 16 weeks, 20 weeks and 25 weeks and, if your cervix is big and closed each time, no more scans will be required. Many time, fortnightly scans are done during the second trimester, and vaginal swabs are also taken, to look for infection.

This next generation and advanced colposcope device designed with an adjunctive technology to help colposcopy procedure as well. The video colposcope is a high resolution colposcope device with an adjunctive map. This colposcope is made by using advanced technology that measures the aceto-whitening reaction and summarises it in the form of an intuitive map. The colposcope is overlaid on the live image of the cervical and vaginal tissues to assist with the identification of the most relevant biopsy. Video colposcope is the same as other colposcopes but with the difference that the images can be recorded and can be stored from the colposcope to a computer system. It has high lucidity of the images provided with automatic and manual setting.

How is Colposcope Performed?

A speculum is gently inserted in the same way as for a smear test. The colposcope expert sits between the woman's feet and the video colposcope and its light are directed onto the cervix. The colposcope remains outside the vagina but it can magnify the view of the cervix as well. The doctor takes the sample of tissues, this test of colposcope will be sent for detailed examination to completely determine the extent of the abnormal cells. The pain from colposcopy is concise and may feel like a sharp pinch. The colposcopy test itself takes about 10 to 15 minutes, but extra time is needed to discussion matters before and later.

Colposcope Features:

Timer Display
Remote Control
Statical Analysis
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Real time image display
HD Sensor from Sony Japan
Auto focus and manual focus
Latest Digital Matrix Processor
HD Technology with 3D perception
USB output, No need of capture card
Corner to Corner Uniform Brightness
Display of genuine tissue color and tone
Morphological Filter E-Flip, Mirror image
Original Software for automatic screening & reporting

When you combine it with the DVC 10000 or DVC 14000 model digital video colposcope, you’ve got a complete, low cost solution for colposcopy examination that fits nicely into your clinical workflow.

(CTG) Wireless Fetal Monitor :

Borze India has a proud history in wireless fetal monitor technologies. We are offering wireless fetal monitors, and measurements used during generic and high-risk deliveries. These high-risk pregnancies put a tremendous tension on both health care systems and families. For these high-risk pregnancies, pregnant women should use wireless fetal monitor one to two times per week is the standard of care. Wireless CTG – unborn baby heart monitoring is done during pregnancy, and delivery to keep track of the heart rate of your unborn baby and the energy and duration of the constringency, contractions of your womb. Your unborn baby's heart rate is a perfect way to tell whether your baby is doing well or probably have some issues with that.

Feel free to call us at +91-120-4103572, 09839062951, or email us with any query regarding any product.

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