The laparoscope is a thin instrument which is inserted through a very tiny cut(incision) of about 1cm in aperture, into the abdominal organs or female pelvic organs to perform a surgery.The operation can be recorded and transmitted to a monitor with the help of a miniature camera. The removed tissue can be examined for further diagnosis. The method is called laparoscopy, band-aid surgery or keyhole surgery.

Cases like gallbladder surgery, abdominal operations like bariatric surgery, colorectal cancers, hiatus hernia, ventral and inguinal hernia, colorectal cancers, hepato-biliary, pancreatic surgeries, gynaecological surgeries and surgeries on the kidney are best performed in laparoscopy.

In the surgical procedure as the incisions are smaller the impact on the skin and muscle are reduced.Surgeries from basic to most advanced are performed through laparoscopy, for example, the surgery is carried out with minimal contact between surgeon and patient. which in turn has the least possible post-surgical infection and bleeding. And the post-operation pain is very less and the patient has the benefit of early mobilisation from the hospital.

As it has high precision, least possible infection rate, the higher recovery rate of the patient as compared to open surgery and most trustworthy, the trend of laparoscopic surgery is picking up at a faster rate in the health sector.

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