Wireless Fetal Monitor (CTG):

CTG - wireless fetal monitor, created by our research team at Borze India, includes a remote fetal monitoring device using advanced technology. The data that would be captured then be securely stored, sent, and accessed by relevant clinicians via Internet. This technology enables you fetal monitoring to become decentralized, ultimately leading to enhanced access for high-risk deliveries that could result in preferable health outcomes and lower health care costs. B'orze wireless fetal monitor can be done by listening to your unborn baby's heartbeat with a special device known as fetal monitor or baby monitor, except listening baby's heartbeat fetal monitor can also analyze the activity of unborn baby. More often, wireless fetal monitor is used with flat devices held in place with comfortable belts on your stomach. Sensors of fetal monitor uses waves of sound to analyze and track of your unborn baby's heart rate. Your unborn baby's heartbeat especially heard as a beeping sound as well.

Wireless fetal monitoring is by and large done electronically in birthing facilities. Fetal monitors are used to detect and trace the unborn baby's heart rate and baby's activity. These are basically monitored at the same time however, each one can be acquired separately. In terms of fetal monitoring, it is either external or internal. Fetal monitoring is a precious device by B'orze India for measuring unborn baby well being and assessing labor progression. Due to the susceptibility of the fetal monitor, it probably indicate a contraction and constriction is diminishing even before you notice the prick subsiding. This information can be a very useful power saving equipment and source of incentive for you.

Features of Fetal Monitor:

10.2 inches true color TFT screen, high resolution, folding up to 90 degree
First time Wireless Probes, hassle free working and no maintenance
Special highly sensitive 14 crystal broad beam transducers
Effective 1 Mhz (1-3 Mhz) Pulse Doppler transducer
Unique and state-of-art Water Proof transducers
High resolution built in long life 152 mm wide paper thermal printer
Automatic fetal movement detection & accounting
Professional CTG Analysis System
CTG Scoring system
Advance Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
More than 24 hours data storage with playback & printing facility
Rechargeable battery for 4 hours work
Auto shut down function to protect the monitor
Real time accurate & reliable results
FHR, TOCO & FM parameters with waveform display & digits display simultaneously
Built in PC Network can be connected to the central monitoring system/nursing system (optional)
Touch Screen menu settings interface, intuitive & user friendly (optional)
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